2d Game Engine


Hi, this is Frank a hobbyist and I’m trying to put together a 2D game engine I feel like there aren’t many resources on this topic… Actually now that I think about it, it’s more of a 2D Framework. This post will document some of my experience learning this concept.


In the past I’ve used Flashpunk and HaxeFlixel to put together some games. Right now I’ve found it challenging to work with Haxe on my M1 Macbook. Pro-tip ChatGPT will probably give you quicker Haxe help than you could get elsewhere online. So it’s with these challenges that I’ve decided to look into C#, because I can at least debug C# on my machine. Maybe when I’m back on a Windows Machine, I’ll return to using Haxe, but right now I can’t get the Hashlink Debugger to build.

Current Path

Currently, I’m working with zachbarth/minimalist-game-framework, and I’m enjoying it. There’s really not much to it. It’s just a thin layer over SDL2# (SDL2 bindings for C#). It basically just makes it easier to load assets, and it has vectors for you to mess with. That’s about it. Earlier I mentioned HaxeFlixel, and this is how I would prefer to use it ignoring 99% of the engine/framework and just using it as a layer over really low-level tasks.

I had a lot of trouble getting the framework to run on my mac, so I did make a fork of the project that will run with Visual Studio for Mac MGF.

I’m not looking to do much with the framework, but I do want to figure out how to handle scenes/states, like a menu-state vs a gameplay-state. I don’t want to take this framework down a heavy object-oriented path that most other frameworks seem to go down. I’d prefer to stick to an imperative style and maybe play around with an Entity-Component System.


Not much here, but there’s not much to that framework either. Oh and this article got me interested in using C# to build the engine in the first place. It’s an article by Tyler Glaiel, but it doesn’t go into depth about game engines.

Thanks for stopping by.